FRP Cooling Tower

Crystal is professionally managed group company initiated by experienced   professionals having experience to the globle market in the field of cooling tower & connected project from designing, manufacturing, supply and errection commissioning, dedicated to most current delveloped product, quality & services for total satisfaction of client.
The Activities of Cooling Towers
We are designing cooling towers, for most of every kind of industries.directors have experience in the manufacturing field of above products since-1976. . We have entire range of product for every industry or specific needs.we offer best engineering solution for every aspect for various segments.

The strenght lies in state of the art technological excellence in equipment design with infrastructure for computerized present generation design, and engeinnering to ensure the best possible solutions to cooling problems introducing the best available technology in the world today in accordance with international standards.
The company offers a wide range of industries ranging from processing plants and foundries to hotels and users of DG sets and compressors. Future plans of the company include the research and development to manufacture as many components as possible corrosive cooling towers and the establishment of additional quality control. In today's competitive market, the company's dedication to quality, workmanship and design it apart as a leader in its sector.
We are among the top three cooling tower manufacturers abroad to acquire the technology for the production of multiple cell towers and rectangular backflow efficient FRP hollow fan blades energy. Over the years, the company has earned an excellent reputation for guaranteed delivery on time and trouble free performance.