Frp Cooling Tower Natural Draught NX-SERIES

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Frp  Cooling Tower Natural Draught NX-SERIES

1) Fanless :

  • Works  on  natural air inlet  and heat dissipation principle
  • Design to work in open space
  • Maximum exposure for air contact
  • Silant performance
  • Less water evaporation and drift loss 
2) Electric Motorless :

  • Saves energy cost gives same performance
  • No brekdown due to motor failure
  • Saves replacement and repairing cost

3) Fill Less :

  • Natrual draught cooling tower works on natural principle
  • No brekdown due to choke or  clog fills as no-fills
  • Gives same cooling performance as no replacement or choked fills

4) Structer & Frame Works:

  •  Standard  m.s.steel strucuture and supports
  •  Standard hot dip galvanising for long lasting life and performance and long life in water    
  •  Ultimate tensile strength strucutre and support withstand in  wind force

5) Water Distribution :

  •   G.i.pipes and branch pipes for long durability
  •   High grade polymer like nylon-6 and other rawgoods uses in nozzles    
  •   Design to water spashing in mist and gives super performance

6) Louvers & Fibre Works :

  • Premium grade fibre raw materials gives strength and long lasting
  • Gelcoated surface ensure protect uv rays and worse weather
  • Enough thickness of louvers stable in wind force.
  • Louvers angles gives great cooling without drift loss
  • Top plank design eleminates water droplets from nozzles
In such Cooling Tower Natural Draught of air flowing through the natural flow. The draft cooling towers type atmospheric include MS box ODM shaped support structure with FRP grids. Louvers enable atmospheric air to pass through the tower. in this type of water cooling tower system is pumped to a spray head Gl always on top of a tower. is sprayed down into the tower through nozzles, because the heat transfer from water to air depends on the water surface exposed to the air flow, therefore , these cooling towers are provided with a nozzle special type spray with fine spray pattern for good performance of the cooling tower. These cooling towers should be located in open space or the building in which the air can fly freely through them.

Available 90 tr to 200 tr in single-cell &   unlimited  in multi-cell                                            

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