Frp Cooling Tower Counter Flow Design CFS-SERIES

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Counter Flow Cooling Tower

Cfs-series cooling tower : counter flow design is recognized all over the world for
Compact design and great performance.give a look highlight

1) Direct Driven Fan :


  • Alluminium alloys/engineered polymer /frp  fans  for higher capacity to resist and lifelong
  • Low weight, low energy consumption
  • Axial flow, aerodynamic, maximum air throw, higher cfm
  • Adjustable blades, it can increase or decrease air flow
  • G.m.bush and s.s.boltnuts hardware available at extra cost
2)  Electric Motor :

  • Ip 55 weather proofing gives  excellent resistance to bad weather impect
  • ‘ f ‘ class insulating  can resist higher temp.or heat
  • Low rpm eliminate gear drive or,'v' belt arrengment and reduce  maintenance
  • Flange mounted top side lokated   less maintenance
  • Long shaft arrangement and fitting  no requirement of couples or joint part  as direct driven

3) Fills Packing :

  • Honey comb pattern  ensure to  distribute water equally
  • Cross design ribs  properly allow maximum air contact with water
  • Pvc raw material withstand heat
4)  Exclusive Spray System With Jet Atomising Nozzles :

  • Unique design  best  splashing water most of fill area
  • Zero breakdown and maintenance [no rotating part]                                                              
  • Best suitable for dusty and polluted area
  • Jet atomising nozzles  easy to replace, afforadable cost, easy availability
  • G.i.pipes  / upvc /cpvc and distributer and branches for  corrosion and rust free
5) Frp Casing And  Basin :

  • Light weight stucutre  with sturdy desing  compare to m.s.steel reduce cost.
  • More resistance capacity in water, weather & enhance life of cooling tower 
  • Gelcoated surface   for fabulous appearance   and  resist  in sunlight
  • High grade frp raw materials it is compitible to m.s.steel strength, and  gives durability 
6) Other Frame Work :

  • Standard m.s.steel gives  better durability and reducing replacing or repairing cost
  • Standard duly hot dip galvanising  ensures resistance to rust, extending life
  • Perfect engineering  and desing for  ease of maintenance [replacing and repairing]
7) Hardware :

  • Standard make  & sizes sustains and better durability in worse weather condition
  • Galvanising  gives long life                
We offer high efficiency FRP cooling towers that are available in different models. The FRP cooling towers are manufactured at our units equipped with the help of modern machinery and high quality raw material. They are durable and offer high performance. Cooling towers are admired by clients for their efficiency and continuous operation without error. We are recognized as one of the leading Counter Flow Cooling Towers Manufacturers and Exporters from India.

Available 5 tr to 500 tr in single-cell and unlimited capacity in multi-cell

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